Film Makers

Victor Kanefsky

Writer & Director

Victor Kanefsky is an award-winning film director and editor. He founded Valkhn Film & Video, a post-production facility for feature narrative and documentary films in 1972. His company specialized in independent productions ranging from being the principle editing service for The National Geographic Explorer Series to supervising and editing cult classic features such as Style Wars, Ganja & Hess, Our Latin Thing, and There's Nothing Out There.

Victor Kanefsky also received much acclaim on many documentary projects such as Just Crazy About Horses, Distant Harmony: Pavarotti's Visit to China , Frankl’s Choice, Academy Award nominee Adam Clayton Powell, Emmy Award-winning Zubin Mehta & The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, U.S.S. Indianapolis: Tragedy At Sea, Love Those Trains, Polar Bear Alert, Rage Over Trees, Avenue of the Just, Tall Ships: High Sea Adventurer and Child’s Christmas In Wales.

Currently, many of these now-classic features are receiving special retrospective screenings around the world and are being rereleased on home video. These include: Style Wars, Ganja & Hess (2014 Tokyo Film Festival), and Griot (2014 Festival Del Film Etno Musicale in Florence, Italy).

Chris T. Concannon

Executive Producer

Executive Producer Chris T. Concannon presents his first art documentary, Art Bastard, a film about Robert Cenedella, the internationally recognized American artist known for his pictorial satire, humor and fantasy. Concannon is a private art collector with 25 years in art acquisition and a feature in The New York Times Style Section, March 20, 1994, "The Art of the Deal."

Chris devised a new concept for selling art as stock through a Regulation D Private Placement registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Combining a passion for art with a dynamic career in the financial printing business, Chris owns and operates Network Financial Printing, a boutique firm providing high-level personal service to Wall Street investment bankers and attorneys.

Jim MacDonald


Following a successful career in professional theater in New York City, Jim MacDonald was ready for a new challenge. He joined a video post-production company in an entry-level position. Due to his wide ranging knowledge, diligence and hands-on style, he rose within a short period of time to upper management, serving in a number of post-production houses.

Following the advent of computer editing and the subsequent collapse of the post-production industry, Jim reinvented himself as a freelance technical consultant. He has worked with a number of independent editors setting up systems, creating graphics, and software troubleshooting. Art Bastard marks Jim’s debut as primary editor.